Prachtige Acacialaan verwoest in Laren

1024 683 Meldpunt Bomenkap

Update, 16-4: I understood these trees have a disease. More info I don’t have yet.

Holmershuizen in Laren was maybe one of the most beautiful tree lined roads of the Netherlands and maybe even of Europe. People even came from abroad to photograph these beautiful, characteristic Acacia trees.

Today I was shocked to see that these trees are being chopped. I called the municipality of Lochem why they are doing this. The responsible person could not be reached but he would call me back… Well… that didn’t happen so far and I doubt they will call me before all trees have been chopped…

So if you want to make or see photos of these fantastic trees in the future, call the municipality of Lochem (where Laren is part of) on +31 573 28 92 22 for at least an explanation and hopefully to save some of the last trees. Or send them a WhatsApp message on +31 6 10270139 (note: this is not a private number; this is a number meant to send notifications to the municipality via WhatsApp; the company chopping the trees told me I could do a notification as photographer so I guess you could do that too). Feel free to share this message.


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